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Van Graphics

Whatever your van, whatever your business the key principles of marketing communication remain constant. It should be remembered that people, even if they are interested in your products and services may not see your vehicle for long, they will almost certainly not have the means to write anything to hand, so your message must be crystal clear, memorable and concise.

All businesses are different, most of us have different markets and target groups and they will react differently to a variety of stimuli. There are again differences if our markets are local, regional, national or international.

It is necessary to show:
  • The company name
  • The nature of its business unless it is obvious from the name
  • Described in the terms and vocabulary that would be used by potential customers
  • How it can be contacted

Because few people see vans when they are in a position to write:

  • Memorable telephone numbers or web site addresses can be invaluable again
  • If the location of the business is given, it will allow prospects to source the number themselves
  • The location also identifies whether it is local, an important factor in some businesses
  • Showing an address for a small business can also provide reassurance to consumers in some sectors

Type sizes should be sufficiently large to allow the information to be read easily, if font size has to be restricted there is almost certainly too much information.

A single van with an effective sign can generate 16 million visual impressions a year. That equates to many thousands of people focusing their attention on your companies sign and the products you showcase.

Customized Vinyl Van Lettering and Graphics are fast and easy to install to any smooth, painted, non-porous surface:

Vinyl application
  • Perfectly Aligned
  • Ready-to-Apply
  • Expert installation instructions

The Premium Brand of Vinyl Graphics we offer has stood the test of time. Our Commercial Grade, High Performance Vinyl routinely lasts 7-10 years outdoors without peeling or noticeable fading (everything fades in the sun to some degree over time).

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Side Accents (L)
Side Accents (L)
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Side Accents (M)
Side Accents (M)
£6.50  £5.85
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