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Hungaroring Circuit Racetrack
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Enzo e Dino Ferrari Circuit Racetrack
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Jerez Circuit Racetrack
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Laying Vinyl

Vinyl signs, letters and graphic installation instructions
- follow these basic guidelines to "do it yourself" and get the most long-lasting, and professional- looking results

If your graphic comes to you rolled up, allow it to flatten out in a warm room. The top sheet is called transfer tape, which is a low tac sheet that lifts your vinyl sign graphic in one piece away the backing paper. The vinyl's pressure sensitive adhesive is stronger and permanent, which allows the vinyl graphic to bond tightly to the intended application surface.

We suggest the following to make your installation easier:

To make outside installations easier, pick a dry day with low to moderate wind.
2) Items you will need for install: squeegee, masking tape and a tape measure.
3) Vinyl signs, letters and graphics should never be installed when the receiving surface temperature is less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit or greater than 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
4) The application surface should be free of dirt , wax and all contaminants. (See I. below)
5) Prepare some soapy water in a spray bottle (Mix 3 - 4 drops of liquid dish detergent per quart)
6) Clean your application surface thoroughly!
Newly painted surfaces must cure 48-72 hours in advance of graphic application.
With the backing still on, tack pieces of tape on each upper corner of your graphic where you want to install it. This holds it in place for you. Since the backing is still on your graphic, you can always move it around.
7) Use a tape measure to make sure it is level.
Now place a long piece of masking tape between the first two pieces of tape on the upper part of your graphic, leaving half the tape on the transfer paper and the other half on your application surface. Once you are SURE this is the exact location, flip the graphic up along the line of masking tape and remove the release liner or wax paper back. (If your tape job was correct, then everything stays in place!) Once the wax paper / release liner is removed, the sticky vinyl is exposed. Use your soapy water mixture to wet your application surface. Carefully lay your graphic against the wetted surface and use the squeegee to remove any trapped water and air bubbles. ALWAYS SQUEEGEE FROM THE CENTER OUT TO THE EDGES!

8) Use moderate to firm pressure with your squeegee to adhere the pressure sensitive vinyl properly. Complete your installation by spraying the transfer tape with your soapy water. Squeegee a little more to work the water into the transfer tape. (The water will loosen the tape from the vinyl allowing it to be removed without pulling the vinyl off of the application surface.) OR- allow 15-30 minutes to allow adhesive to bind to surface and let transfer tape to completely dry before removing transfer tape. Once transfer tape is removed, pop any air bubbles with a pin and press out any air or water. Small water bubbles should evaporate within a few days. Allow newly installed vinyl letters and logos to cure 48 hours before washing. Avoid brushes and pressure washing to protect against scratching the vinyl or lifting a corner of the letter / logo.
A soft cloth & mild detergent will adequately clean vinyl graphics. Use of abrasives or rubbing compounds will void any warranty.

All surfaces must be considered dirty and must be cleaned prior to the application of markings. Recommended cleaning procedures for glass and plastic substrates are listed below.

Saturate a clean cloth with a 2 to 1 mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol and wipe the surface. Wipe the surface dry with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth.

Air and application surface temperatures must be 50-85 degrees F.


A. Use 1"-2" (2.5 - 5 cm) strips of masking tape to position marking in proper registry.

B. Apply horizontal tape hinge at the top of the marking

C. Remove liner entirely. Keep exposed adhesive off substrate. Spray water and detergent solution (1/2 part liquid dish water detergent to 991/2 parts water) on substrate.

D. Allow marking to drape. Using firm initial squeegee pressure, begin at top center and work down and outward to each edge of mask.

E. Allow adhesive to bond (generally 15 to 30 minutes.)

F. Spray premask with water and allow to soak in for about 30 - 45 seconds. Remove premask at 180 (pull back on itself).

G. Re-squeegee entire marking.


For smaller delicate graphics we would suggest laying the graphic dry (DO not use the soapy water) this operation takes a little longer and you must squeegee from the top or bottom, holding it away from your application surface only allowing the graphic to touch the surface you are sticking it to as you sqeegee it down. Because of the delicate nature of certain graphics air bubbles very rarely get trapped JUST TAKE YOUR TIME.

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